The co-creation project Nordic Lights will pave the way for the future of Place Branding & Marketing in the Nordic countries.

Welcome to join!

14 Swedish places are already onboard:

Blekinge, Borlänge, Enköping, Gävle, Sala, Skellefteå, Skövde, 
Sundsvall, Trollhättan, Umeå, Åre, Örebro, Örnsköldsvik, Östersund


Nordic Lights

Full project information:

Project Fee: 3 000 Euro (exklusive VAT)

  • Full access to project conferences, casestudies and the final toolbox.
  • Three persons from each member can participate at conferences.
  • Five persons can join the digital community.

Option: A training seminar can be arranged for your stakeholders at your location. A good way to make the most of Nordic Lights. The seminar can be booked at project start or later.

Application: Project Application Form  The closing date for application is 30 April.

Questions and personal presentations: E-mail to Per Ekman, Tendensor

Project period: May 2019 to January 2020.

Early Bird: Conference in Umeå 9-10 May.

Six challenges as a starting point for Nordic Lights

Capture the unique DNA of the place

How can we seize the unique values and form an authentic brand strategy?

Take position in a changing world

How can we create competitive place value propositions to target markets?

Involve key stake holders

How can we engage citizens and businesses in place branding and marketing?

Place Brand Management

How can place branding and marketing be lead and coordinated?

Marketing places in a digital landscape

How can a creative and efficient digital marketing take form?

Attract talents and investments

How can branding and marketing contribute to the attraction of talents and investments?

This is what you get

Influence the focus of the project

The challenges you meet in your place branding and marketing will clearified by interviews and surveys. By doing so, we can optimise the selection of cases and tools.


Access to cases & interviews

Initiatives from all nordic countries will be analyzed. Interviews will be done with key persons involved. You will have ful access to case studies and interviews with key persons.


Two conferences for Co-creation and learning

During the fall 2019, two conferences will be arranged to  the experience exchange, presentations and co-creation. Three persons from each participating city can join. The locations will be announced in May. 


A Nordic network of  place brand professionals

Nordic Lights will give you access to a network of proactive brand leaders and professionals. We will encourage an open and informal experience sharing.

A digital Community for easy communication

Five persons from each participant are welcome to our online project community. This is the place to be if you want to interact with other project members between conferences.


Handbook: Nordic Place Brand Management

As a result of Nordic Lights a unique handbook will created by Tendensor filled with methods and tools. You will be highlighted in the handbook as key partner.


Option: Seminar at your place

The findings and the toolbox from Nordic Lights can be a boost of energy for your branding and marketing stakeholders at home. You can book a seminar with Tendensor for up to 15 people in your city.


Early Bird: Conference in Umeå, 9-10 May

Sign up for Nordic Lights before 30 March and you are welcome to join the Conference in Umeå. This is where the journey starts to a new framework for branding and marketing Nordic places.

Let's learn from the best, but also think outside the box.

In order to create an innovative toolbox for branding and marketing places, we will analyse and learn from successful Nordic initiatives. In particular, we will search for places that have managed to build on unique values and magaged to take position in a changing world. 
Furthermore, multiple sources of knowledge and creativity will contribute to the final result. In total, we can summarize these inputs into six areas:


Successful branding and marketing initiatives

    Case studies will be used to get behind the scenes of well chosen strategic and tactical efforts. We will seek these cases among both large and small places all around the Nordic countries.


  • Interviews with key actors
    Interviews will be done with key individuals behind the branding and marketing or with other persons who we believe can contribute to our findings and toolbox. As project participant you will have ful access to the interview results.



Learnings from project participants
    As Nordic Lights participant, you are likely to have valuable experiences of place branding and marketing from your city or region that can influence our findings.


  • An academic and international outlook
The academic interest for Place branding is growing and we will try to benefit from reserch that have practicle applications. Cases and initiatives from places outside the Nordic countries may also be highlighted.


  • Tendensor’s knowledge base
    Tendensor and Per Ekman have an extensive experience in place branding, innovation, talent and business attraction that can benefit the project.


Co-creation (onsite and online)
To form the tools of Nordic Place Branding and Marketing, co-creation is key. Conferences and workshops will be arranged and a digital community helps us to keep in touch.