With passion for places

Welcome to Tendensor, a nordic consultancy firm focusing on how places can strengthen their attractiveness, identity and innovation capacity.

Our customers are leaders and teams responsable for developing cities, regions and tourist destinations in all Nordic countries. We offer creative workshops and seminars as well as complex project management.

The founder and CEO of Tendensor is Per Ekman who also manages all large assignments and most important events. To his assistance, Tendensor has a vast network of partners and freelance consultants both in Sweden and in other countries.

What sets Tendensor apart?

  • 100% focus on places

    We are totally oriented towards places and their future. By having such a clear focus, Tendensor is always aware of trends and challenges that cities and regions meet today and tomorrow.

  • A unique set of services for place building teams

    Places are social systems with indipendent actors. That makes places more complex than other organisational entities. Tendensor has created a set of services specially targeted to Place Leaders and teams; market research, training sessions and handbooks.

  • A rich portfolio of reference projects

    To meet tomorrow’s challenges it is sometimes necessary to unlearn your preassumtions. But it helps having a experience bank when it comes down to making real change. Tendensor has led over 100 place development and branding projects since 2003.

  • Workshops, training sessions and conferences

    Tendensor constantly arranges new training sessions and workshops for you as a Place Leader or Brand Professional. By doing so, we provide you with new insights and tools as well as the opportunity to share experiences with people from other regions and cities.

  • We identify the tools of tomorrow

    Tendensor arranges forefront innovation and benchmarking projects in order to find tomorrows tools for Place Managers. For example, the sucessful concepts Talent Attraction Management (TAM) och Business Attraction Management (BAM). You find these handbook under Publications.

Tendensor is a network-based company

Per Ekman, founder & CEO of Tendensor, is the one and only resource person in the company. To best meet the various needs and ambitions of our customers, Tendensor holds a strong network of consultants and freelancers both in Sweden and other countries.

About Per Ekman

Per Ekman is the founder & CEO of Tendensor. Since 2004, he is a trusted consultant, speaker and trainer in the field of place development, attractiveness and branding. Especially, Per has been the driving force behind the growth of Place Branding as a strategic resource for Swedish regions and cities. His signum is the open and collaborative way of involving stakeholders in forming core ideas and action plans.

Per lives in Kalmar at the east coast of Sweden with his wife and two teenage sons. His personal interests are triathlon, city travels, litterature and digital media.

Phone: +46707449980

E-mail: Per Ekman

Skype: Tendensor