Insights and tools

for place managers and professionals.

Tendensor offers a unique range of workshops and training sessions for place leaders and placebranding professionals. The events are organized as open events in Stockholm or in other nordic capitals. Over 1000 leaders and marketers have participated in Tendensors workshops and training sessions.

The workshops can also be arranged at your facility with the advantage of a clear focus on the specific issues and opportunities you face. Cases and tools will be presented and discussed in order to generate new insights and to find the next step for change.

For international requests, please contact Per Ekman, (+46707449980).


Talent Attraction Management

Talent Attraction Management (TAM) was coined by Tendensor in 2013 as a framework and toolbox for talent seeking cities and regions. Originally, TAM was co-created by Tendensor and 17 founding partners from Nordic places in a year-long open project with casestudies, co-creation and training.

Today, Tendensor offers TAM seminars and training sessions for teams and individuals on a national, regional or local level. The sessions can be arranged at customers location with participants from both private businesses and public sector.

Branding & Identity Management

Branding and marketing places have become well integrated strategies for developing Nordic cities and regions. Still, there is a challenge to connect branding to the longterm place development and to gain  leadership support from politics and business sector.

Tendensor offers training sessions for teams and individuals seeking insights and tools for managing place branding. Core ideas, challenges and cases will be presented and a workshop will follow, adressing the strategic and tactical challenges you meet.

In 2019, Tendensor has initiated the Nordic Lights project, that will pave the way for the future of Place branding and marketing in the Nordic countries.

Change Management for places

There are two main reasons why there is an increasing demand for change leaders in cities and regions. First, there is a growing insight that places need to invest in innovation capacity and sustainable growth. Secondly, place development is today more then ever dependent on an active contribution from citizens, businesses as well as public sector.

Tendensor has created a unique toolbox for change management for place leaders. Over 100 swedish professionals have participated in our training sessions the latest years. Workshops and training sessions can be arranged at customers site for teams up to 15 people.