Talent Attraction for Innovation

Talent Attraction Management for Science Parks, incubators and cluster

Startups and fast growing businesses need access to talents to grow and innovate. Seven Swedish innovation hubs have joined forces with Tendensor and Nordic Place Adacemy to show how Science Parks, incubators and clusters can develop an efficient Talent Attraction Management.

A unique set of tools have been created wich are based on key learnings from the project participants and the TAM frameset, created by Tendensor. The handbook is only available in Swedish but seminars can be arranged in English on request.

Talent Attraction Management

Strategies and tools for attracting talents and entrepeneurs to cities and regions

Cities and regions are becoming more dependent on the ability to attract a creative and competent labour force. Some of the most proactive places around the world are now investing in a systemized approach for attracting, welcoming and integrating talents. Tendensor coined the term Talent Attraction Management (TAM).

17 Nordic cities and regions have participated in Tendensor’s TAM project to find out how talent attraction can be practiced, today and in the future. The output of the project has been boiled down to the handbook Tools and Strategies for Innovative Talent Attraction and Retention. It highlights strategies, tools and cases for place managers who wants to invest in an organized approach to Talent Attraction Mananagement.

Winning business team putting hands together. Taken on event Minilypse Ljubljana 2008.

Business Attraction Management

How to attract investments in times of innovation och globalisation

Investment Promotion in regions and cities has a need for change. Tendensor and Nordic Place Academy arranged the Nordic project BAM – Business Attraction Management to find new strategies and tools for attracting knowledge intensive investments with a coordinated place management and marketing.

22 nordic cities and regions co-financed and activly contributed to the handbook Business Attraction Management for cities and regions. It is filled with cases, success factors and tools in order to organize a renew the investment promotion acitivies to better meet the opportunities in a changing world.