Brand & identity management

Tendensor is one of the most trusted Place Branding consultanies in the Nordic contries. Our signum is the collaborative branding process and our focus on clearifying authentic values and future place positions. See Nordic Lights.

Talent Attraction Management
Talents are the key resource for innovation and growth for all cities and regions. Tendensor coined the concept of TAM – Talent Attraction Management for places seeking to attract, welcome and integrate talents.
Building strong destinations

Tendensor supports the transformation of destinations into visitor-centric and trustful ecosystems. We engage stakeholders in creating destination brands and strategy as well as unique visitor experiences.

Place for business & innovation

Tendensor assists places in creating the best conditions for entrepreneurship and growing businesses. Tendensors concept BAM – Business Attraction Management is a powerful framwork for investment promotion.

Difference thinking concept.
Learn to lead change

Place need to transform to meet challenges and to seize opportunities. Tendensor has created tools and training sessions in change management for place leaders.

Forefront Nordic co-creation projects

To explore the future of place management Tendensor connects Nordic cities and regions into co-creation projects (See TAM and BAM). In 2019, the project Nordic Lights will pave the way for the future of Place Branding and Marketing.